Debt Capital Market


Our debt capital market team specializes in handling and advising on bond issuances of varying types, structures and credit enhancement measures. Our firm also reviews and advises on the documentation of various investment-related transactions for clients such as investment banks, securities companies, trustees, and issuers, including bond issuance documentation such as offering documents, terms and conditions, subscription agreements, placing agreement, documents in relation to the issuance of certificates of deposit such as project agreement and offering documents, convertible bond subscription agreement, terms and conditions, sale and purchase agreement, ISDA agreement, and keepwell deed.


  • Drafting, reviewing and revising various documents related to bond issuance, including offering documents and other disclosure materials, subscription agreement, placement agreement, terms and conditions, trust deed, agency agreement, guarantee, keepwell deed
  • Advising issuers and underwriters on all aspects of debt capital market transaction mechanisms (including corporate bond issuance, such as high-yield bonds, investment-grade bonds, independent bond and debt schemes, equity-linked investment vehicles, private placements and warrants
  • Participating in the issuance of various private placement bonds, additional issuance and amendment of terms and conditions
  • Participating in medium-term note program and related advisory work
  • Participating in green bond issuance projects and related advisory work
  • Participating in guaranteed bond issuance projects and related advisory work
  • Participating in various linked bond issuance projects and related advisory work
  • Reviewing and revising certificates of deposit project agreement and offering documents
  • Advising on the issuance of preference shares, perpetual bonds and other mixed issuance
  • Issuing Hong Kong legal opinions on bond issuance
  • Advising on the liability management of corporate bonds, including obtaining investors’ consent and exchanging offers