Since December 2005, our firm has been a member of Meritas, one of the largest associations of independent law firms in the world. Our firm is the sole member of Meritas in Hong Kong.

Membership in Meritas is by invitation only and each member firm is held accountable to rigorous membership requirements and service standards. From extensive due diligence in the selection and credentialing of new firms, to regular client assessments and re-certification, Quality Assurance Program and Satisfaction Index ensure that our clients receive the same high quality legal work and service - just like clients of every Meritas firm worldwide.

Our Meritas affiliation offers us access to a network of over 180 accomplished law firms in more than 90 foreign countries. It gives our firm a virtual "presence" in over a hundred cities worldwide.

Meritas is an established global alliance of independent, full-service law firms. Since its founding in 1990, members have been distinguished by their quality standards. All Meritas firms, including our firm, must:

  • Adhere to a specific set of service standards
  • Demonstrate a record of consistent Client Satisfaction Index
  • Comply with a stringent code of ethics that often exceeds local professional guidelines
  • Provide clients with Alternative Dispute Resolution options when appropriate
  • Undergo a re-certification process that requires the firm to have a conflict avoidance procedure in place, maintain a full service practice mix, carry professional liability coverage, maintain a docket control system and meet Continuing Professional Development requirements

The Meritas model provides essential peace of mind for business owners, in-house counsel and others who can easily connect with carefully qualified, independent business legal expertise worldwide.

Quality is what sets Meritas apart and offers clients proven value. Working with Meritas firms is a predictably efficient and positive experience because Meritas selects independent, mid-sized firms that are flexible, accommodating and attentive.

Unlike many loose legal groups, Meritas takes pride in asking firms to leave who cannot maintain these standards. This allows clients using Meritas member firms the comfort of knowing their legal work will be handled reliably and consistently around the world.