Notarization, Attestation and Marriage Solemnization

Our firm offers comprehensive international notarial services as well as attestation services for the PRC. We have Notaries Public for international notarial services and China-Appointed Attesting Officers for attesting documents for use in the PRC. Our services are offered in our Hong Kong office.


  • Notarization of documents for use outside Hong Kong including documents for the sale and purchase and mortgage of properties situated abroad, incorporation documents of offshore companies as well as power of attorney and affidavit under oath for use outside Hong Kong
  • Immigration documents for identification purposes such as the Certificate of Identity
  • Application documents for use in China which include adoption, confirmation of marital status, family re-union, probate application and renunciation of rights over assets in China
  • Confirmation documents on the existence and status of Hong Kong corporations and personal particulars of individuals for the setting up of joint ventures and for the purposes of the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) and for other uses in China
  • Litigation documents such as the appointment of legal representative, affidavit under oath and other supporting documents for arbitration proceedings or litigation

Marriage Solemnization Services: