Same Firm, Streamlined Name

September 2016

Our firm has changed its English name to Gallant with effect from 8 September 2016. The Chinese name “何耀棣律師事務所” is retained. The change is part of our re-branding exercise in the lead up to our 40th anniversary next year. In keeping with our name change, we have adopted a new logo.

The address of our Hong Kong Office remains unchanged, but it has been renovated as shown in the pictures below. Our website URL and email domain remain unchanged.

We are grateful for our clients, both local and international, who have been loyally supporting us in so many ways during the past four decades.

On 8 September 2016, Partners toasted and celebrated the name change at the newly renovated office at Jardine House, Central, where we have been carrying on business for decades.

Newly Renovated Hong Kong Office