The 13th Law & Order Cup

November 2018

The Law & Order Cup (法紀盃) is a friendly golf tournament held annually amongst the legal sector and law enforcement agencies. Members of the Judiciary, Legislators, Solicitors and Counsel represent the Law Team while Law Enforcement Agencies and other disciplinary and uniformed bodies represent the Order Team.

The 13th Law & Order Cup was successfully held on 24 November 2018 at the Phoenix Hill Golf Club in Dongguan, China, with over 120 players joining. The Law Team was led by The Honourable Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma, GBM while the Order Team was led by Mr Ambrose Lee, Former Secretary for Security. The Law Team and the Order Team had each won 6 times during the past 12 years. This year, the Law Team seized the victory and took the lead.

Our partner, Dennis Chan, and our Registered Foreign Lawyer, Raymond Yip participated in this joyful event. Raymond won the Nearest to the Pin Award and Dennis ranked second best in the Law Team.

The Law & Order Cup not only fosters and renews ties and friendships among players but also manifests that both the Law and Order sectors would unfailingly share a common goal of upholding and maintaining proper law and order for our society.

The Law Team 2018

Dennis Chan (left) and The Honourable Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma, GBM (right)

Raymond Yip (left) and Mr Brian W. Gilchrist, Vice President of the Law Society of Hong Kong (right)

Dennis Chan (left) and Raymond Yip (right)