Transactions in a COVID-19 Environment

June 2020

Featured Insight from Meritas

A Webinar titled "Transactions in a COVID-19 Environment" has been published by Meritas. Please click this link for more information.

About Meritas

Meritas is one of the largest associations of independent law firms in the world. Under Meritas, each member firm is held accountable to rigorous membership requirements and service standards. From extensive due diligence in the selection and credentialing of new firms, to regular client assessments and re-certification, including Quality Assurance Program and Satisfaction Index, Meritas ensures that our clients receive the same high quality legal work and service - just like clients of every Meritas firm worldwide. Since December 2005, our firm has been the sole member of Meritas in Hong Kong. Our Meritas affiliation offers us not only access to a network of over 180 accomplished law firms in more than 90 foreign countries but also a virtual presence in over a hundred cities worldwide.